You win. I’ll get a Smartphone.

SKTelecomOK. It’s finally time for me to get a smartphone and retire my trusty old phone-phone.  Mostly because every time I turn a page in a magazine or turn around in a store, I see those QR codes and I feel left out (of what I don’t know – I can’t see it. It just feels like ‘everyone is doing it.’) But now it’s gotten worse…

Now the company, SK Telecom makes my envy even more acute with their testing of a ‘Smart Cart’ service in China, that actually synchronizes tablet-equipped shopping carts with consumers’ smartphones to offer a wide array of position-relevant information in real-time via wifi. (How cool is that?)

“SK Telecom’s Smart Cart is the world’s first shopping cart service to use smartphones to deliver in-store information using indoor positioning technology”, the company says. “There have already been RFID-based cart services, of course, but SK Telecom’s Smart Cart goes a step further by providing a wide variety of shopping tips, product information and coupons in real-time based on the consumer’s position in the store.” (Again, really, how cool is that?)

Shoppers begin by downloading the Smart Cart application to their smartphones. Next, they can search for product information and store coupons and draw up a shopping list. Then, once they’re at a participating retail store, the customer’s smartphone is automatically synchronized with a tablet PC installed in the shopping cart. After that, as they move about the store, shoppers receive a variety of product information and coupons relevant to their specific location in the aisles.

Once they arrive at the checkout counter, the tablet screen on their cart shows the list of purchased items, membership points and available coupons.

I’m not a big “coupon clipper”, but I think something this easy and money-saving, would be a huge marketing success once it hits our U.S. grocery/ department stores. So I wave my red flag: bring on the technology! I’m ready. To me, this is a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award WINNER to me!

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