For the love of a GWP

Whole Foods GWPSo, while organizing my no-longer-so little collection of recyclable shopping bags strew throughout my car (yes, I do actually collect them now from retailers and vacation destinations around the world- silly but more useful than match books!), I see that I have now added 4 wonderful insulated cooler bags from Whole Foods, and I smile. Because of these little treasures, I fell for one of my own professional “tricks” — the good old ‘gift with purchase.’ And in examining my own motives, I reinforce my belief in the fundamental simplicity of marketing — that is, when egos and the need to show-off flashy new tricks and marketing toys don’t get in the way.

Whole Foods was doing a giveaway in their fresh seafood department — buy $30 worth of fresh seafood and get a FREE insulated cooler bag (pre-priced at, therefore telling me it was worth, $3.99. And it is a fine, high-quality little bag.)  Now, while Whole Foods’ fresh seafood is excellent, it is on the pricey side, so that $30 doesn’t exactly buy a feast. Yet instead of being aghast that I was paying this much (and more!) for my beloved fresh sea bass dinner, I was tickled that I got such a really neat gift. I felt that I got a ‘deal’ on my fish and I got something valuable to me. But here’s the fun part — the seafood dude behind the counter made sure to tell me that the promo would be going on for the next month. So what did I do? Marched myself back there ever week to buy more fish! Did I need 5 insulated cooler bags? Nope. But how could I pass up such a great, high quality freebie? And I likely spent close to $100 each trip when I do not regularly patronize Whole Foods.

Now that’s what I call a ‘gift with purchase’ for Whole Foods. Guess we both came out winners and feeling good about each other. And  isn’t that what makes a winning promotion. As simple as this offer was, I have to give it a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award: WINNER designation. Doesn’t always have to be rocket science or shiny new technology to make it great. Just has to motivate. Wish more clients would remember this.

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