Bold Experiments with Magic Brownies

OK, I’ll come right out now and say, “General Mills, you get a whopping GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) WINNER Award for this one!!”

Why so excited? First of all, as a typically conservative age-old corporation, they had the smarts to set up a competition called “Bold Experiments,” to award funding to brands who proposed ways to do things more boldly. Then they actually put their money where their brownies are!

They greenlighted this awesome production aimed at getting aging baby boomers to buy a new Fiber One Brownie Bar — starring icons Cheech and Chong, they played off the fact that as we age, we need a new kind of “weed,” fiber.

They just did it right, in my opinion, in every way. They based their work in a real insight and human connection, not a made-up corporate-speak one; they used the contemporary media and channels that would help their intended target to engage (and got a 15.8% engagement rate on a tweet!); But most of all, they didn’t let what I am certain was a tremendous amount of fear, get in the way of smart, bold creativity. And for all that, I hope this campaign is a rousing success… and I will now go buy these Fiber One bars immediately as my small nod to such guts and ingenuity. Kudos, Big G!

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