Does This Sheet Stink?

Brought to my attention by a blogger who called it “Worst Ad Campaign Of The Year”, this spot for Sheets brand Energy Strips is to me, both awful and effective. Sheets™ are a small strip containing caffeine and B vitamins that dissolve on your tongue.

Cofounded by Miami Heat star LeBron James, the company launched back in May, is now rolling out an advertising campaign that may offend many (do we really want to be reminded of defecation when putting something in our mouths?) and seems to already be getting media attention and strong word-of-mouth (did I just type that?).

From a purely communication-oriented point-of-view, I have to say that the TV spot doesn’t only provoke with it’s “spokespeople”, in each case it illustrates a reason for possibly needing an energy boost. If it connects with, rather than offends it’s target market (let’s say, younger adults), it could be “nothing but net” for Mr. James and company. What do you think?

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