A BIG APPetite.

You have an APP for that? Now a commonplace question in today’s increasing smartphone penetration world, but who is using what is key.

According to Nielsen’s recent report on Smartphone analytics, app usage on smartphones is more than 3 times greater than email and text usage. But which apps are being used most?

To determine each apps “active reach,” — the percentage of Android owners who used an app within the past 30 days — Nielsen analyzed the data from on-device meters on thousands of Android smartphones.

Aside from the Android Market app itself, pretty much the top 4 apps used most by both U.S. male and females 18 years and older are: Facebook, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

Angry Birds, a game that slingshots birds at pigs, falls below YouTube and above Pandora Radio. Hard to believe but many say it is addicting. But after that, there are some subtle differences that are split by gender.

Take the app, Words With Friends, a Scrabble-like word game against friends. There’s no single player mode — the entire experience is built around multiplayer. This skews more female with women more that double than men using this app. With over 1.6 million daily active users who average a full hour of playing every day, it is on Apple’s top grossing App list for 2010. And mostly being used by women according to the statistics.

Men, on the other hand, appear to be shopping via their apps using both the Amazon store and barcode reader. And they listen to their texts with the Talk-Text to Voice app, presumbily while driving. But that old adage that men never stop for directions might still be true—except we now know they are using a Google Map app (as evidenced by a 77 percent active reach among men compared to 71.8 percent among women.)

Apps continue to grow in usage and the top four continue to dominate. After that, it all depends on your APPetite.


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