The Benefits of Bad Breath

OrabrushOh, you have to seen this one (if you didn’t)! Talk about the Mother of Marketing and Viral Advertising!! Check it out: a startup company Orabrush in Utah came up with a tongue cleaner gizmo. A very important device when you are often in close contact with others (not needed if your life flows through the social media and Skype).
As you may’ve guessed, they didn’t sell too many of these brushes/scrapers, until… Orabrush Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Harmon bought $28 worth of Facebook ads directed at Northwest Arkansas Walmart employees. Here’s what the ad said:

“Walmart employees have bad breath. Walmart needs to carry Orabrush. It will sell better than anything in your store.”
In 2 days, Jeffrey received an e-mail from Walmart’s buyer, saying that her VP assumed the ads were directed at Walmart nationwide, and wanted to place an order, a BIG order. From that point on, Orabrush spread all over Walmart network like bacteria on a tongue (or wildfire, if you prefer).
A great example of the power of modern media channels, ingenuity, guts, and an amazing system in place at Walmart that allowed such fast turnaround for such giant retailer!

Surprised none of the Walmart employees called “foul” at being publicized for having bad breath!

Source: adage 9/20/11

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