Playing Is Believing!

HTC Flyer tablet with Scribe technologyDefinitely a believer in “Experiential Marketing,” but rarely see it done so well, and have such an effect as what I experienced in NYC. Was walking down Park Ave the other evening — a straight shot from Grand Central (Hint Hint: lots of passersby) and I see a crowd gathering outside what appeared to be a window in a building up ahead. Well, it isn’t Christmas and this wasn’t Macy’s, so not sure what was up. What was UP was some awesome marketing by HTC.

Who? Yeah, that’s right. No clue. (No wonder their tagline is “Quietly Brilliant,” which I also happen to love.) Well, they are apparently a Taiwanese technology company, producers of smartphones and now tablets, among other things, around since 1997, and recently ranked as the 31st most innovative company in the world. But I didn’t know that then, so was still wondering, “Huh?” Then I made it to the “window”…

It was actually a giant (maybe 4’x8′) interactive  “screen” of the new HTC Flyer tablet, featuring what they call “Scribe” technology, among other awesome things. Lets you “write” on your tablet with the way you would have used a pen or marker in “the olden days” — to take notes, highlight,… or even doodle on self-portraits. You get the idea. So simple, but still so cool. It was hysterical to watch people (READ: full grown adults on their way to dinner) not only clamoring for their turn at the “Scribing” experience (’cause here you could just use your finger!), but then it allowed you to snap a pic of yourself and email it to whomever you wanted with giant virtual keyboard — even post to Facebook.

Camera-averse, I left it to giddy members of my party to “play” on public camera (I promised them I would post their pic here.) But here is what happened as a result of how cool and crowd-magnetic my experience was:

1. I researched the company and learned about them and their products, now with a favorable disposition to buy.

2. I shared my excitement about this cool product with at least a dozen people, one of whom is a college professor, who thought that her 700+ students would flip over this product’s features. (It can record lectures or meetings, allow you to highlight professor’s body language or emphasis, photograph slide shows and charts,… OMG, if I had had this when I was in college, maybe I wouldn’t have been such a neurotic “highlighter” with my text books!)

3. I am now writing about this company because their marketing efforts were so captivating.

Hmmm, guess “Experiential Marketing” can’t always be measure by the “eyeball traffic” in its immediate sphere of influence. Just gotta know that your product has to be experienced to be believed. Gotta have the belief.

I can’t imagine this was cheap. But it was soooo spot-on in engaging and showing you the tablet’s features, that I would guess it was worth every pretty penny. GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award: WINNER!

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