Instead of planting a tree, how about planting a raincoat?

What do you get when you cross a Spaniard, Japanese micro-biologist, German bio-plastic, and French potatoes? You get the new eco-friendly “spud raincoat” from Equilicuá that is now being produced in Spain.

The Spud Raincoat is made from potato starch and impregnated with seeds that are 100% fully biodegradable, compostable and suitable for planting. This means that at the end of its lifecycle it converts into organic matter and is returned in its entirety to the biosphere; closing the loop.

To reinforce this concept the raincoat has a small clay ball with seeds integrated into it developed by a Japanese microbiologist. This way the wearer can plant the raincoat when it’s no longer needed. The “spudcoat” doesn’t just return entirely to the natural cycle, it also helps the seeds inside grow into plants. Currently, cardboard boxes are infused with seeds and designed to be planted after it is used, but now the Spud Raincoat brings plastic into the biodegradable arena.

“Equilicuá’s Spud Raincoat can be reused numerous times, its maker says, since it is only biodegradable under specific conditions. Available in white with red print, the poncho-style garment is priced at EUR $15. It’s been impregnated with the seeds of various Mediterranean plants and shrubs. For that reason, in fact, Equilicuá currently distributes the raincoat only in the European Union and Mediterranean countries where the seeds are native. Coming soon are versions with seeds derived from other parts of the world.”

Granted these eco-friendly raincoats are probably not on the runways of Milan, but this product does open the door for even more “green products” to be designed and developed which will only help our planet in the end and there is no longer any excuse for not doing it “greener.”

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