Win a Baby! Kind of.

A local radio station in Ottawa (Canada) has found a rather unique way to attract their target listener, women aged 25 to 54. Hot 89.9 is giving away three sessions of IVF treatment (ARV $35,000) to the couple that submits the most compelling story. Jeff Mauler, the morning host says “one in six couples have trouble conceiving, a trip down to Cuba isn’t going to help that situation for them.”

While the giveaway has certainly attracted some naysayers saying it is wrong to use a baby as a prize or commodity, it has heightened awareness as to just how expensive fertility treatments are. This discussion is timely given that the election campaign is in full swing. Some provinces in Canada pay for fertility treatments while others do not, so clearly there are many citizens in those unpaying provinces that would like to see the government cover the cost of IVF.

It might be unconventional to run a “Win a Baby” contest but it does legitimately help the winner and, more importantly, it puts fertility treatment coverage at the forefront of discussions around campaign time. I think this is a WTF Winner!

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