Drugs by phone- will they get you hooked?

Walgreeens MobileOn the surface, this article touting Walgreens’ success with a *Prescription Ready by Text* SMS program was nothing all that unusual. Cool, but not unusual. You simply sign up to have Walgreens text you when your prescription is filled. And 2 million people did. (Reports say that now 25% of all online refills are done via phone.) Not too shabby, and definitely an audience need that is being met.

But when you dig deeper, it’s evident that they are really forward thinkers and customer-centric. For instance,  they have created an app that allows you to scan your prescription and it’s automatically sent in for refill, and are now adding a new feature that texts you when your meds are due for a refill. Now that’s a great service! (Like having your mother in your phone.)

But if they can do this, think about where else they can take it… text you when birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are approaching, link you to revenue-generating e-cards and allow you to just MMS it to the recipient, or… text you when the eye make-up you bought is expiring (I am so bad at remembering this and my eyes have paid for it dearly), to remind you when allergy season is about to begin, or when flu shots are available… and of course, provide the mobile incentive to bring you in store.

Our meds are so critical to our health and well-being, they are the perfect first step (hook?) to establish mobile engagement with Walgreens. But like anything, once that first step is taken, how easy could it be to tap in further and really monetize the connection?… Hope they continue being creative and savvy enough to make it happen.

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