Poor Steve!

It’s bad enough that “Steve”, the hapless soul in a new AT&T spot, isĀ married to what appears to be kind of a shrew. Adding insult to injury, his humorless wife may actually have a point.

When he tells her that he’s signed up for AT&T’s new Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile service she laments that she should have married someone else. Apparently her old flame would never buy anything without checking with her first.

When I first saw this spot, I felt a bit of dislike for the wife, felt sorry for Steve and then forgot about it. Second time, I still didn’t like her much but thought “wait, didn’t he get the Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile plan (whatever that is) after he signed up for ‘Unlimited Messaging’. Well how much does that cost?”

Further research on the AT&T website (I am a mobile customer) revealed what I already knew. Phone plans are so complicated that I could not find anywhere that told me how much the Unlimited Messaging plan would cost me. I think I hate AT&T more than I hate Steve’s wife. But I also don’t like commercials that make their point so inaccurately. Whatever the cost, Steve did commit himself to a new plan, and that plan is not free. Sorry Steve.

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