Frugal Couch Potato.

getglue at GapI admit, I’m quite addicted to TV and could not be more excited about the fall line-up. So my excitement grew when I learned about a new way to save 40% off at mega retailer Gap simply by sitting on my couch and watching TV!

Gap partnered with Entertainment Weekly and GetGlue, a unique social network for entertainment that lets you “check in” to TV shows, movies, books, games, etc., and is offering GetGlue users the chance to unlock a 40% off coupon good towards the purchase of a single Adult item from Gap’s new fall line! 40%!  Here’s how it works…

Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of 12 shows premiering this fall including Charlie’s Angels, Pan Am, and even (the now defunct) Playboy Club.  As GetGlue users “check-in” to the shows, week after week, they unlock exclusive virtual stickers.  Unlocking 4 stickers unlocks the 40% off coupon.  It’s that easy!

The promotion started September 15th and ran until October 15th. Gap is the first retailer to offer such a promotion via GetGlue, continuing their trend of trying new digital channels (they were the first to offer a national promotion via Groupon in August 2010 and the first to offer a free national promotion via Facebook’s Places in November 2010).  The retail giant certainly grabbed my attention – I started using GetGlue after hearing about the deal and easily got my coupon.  A pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

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