Fast Food Ads Heat Up.

I’ve seen a lot of new commercials for fast food favorites, Wendy’s and Burger King, lately that couldn’t be more divergent, and interestingly, moving in the opposite direction —  yet both focusing on quality.

Now I’m not a big fast food consumer (unless you consider Subway fast food), but if I did have to choose one, it would definitely be Wendy’s. Love the spicy chicken sandwich and Frosty treat.

Well, their new campaign brings back their powerful “Where’s the Beef” slogan from the 80’s in a contemporary way, though with a nod to the original. The spot made me smile, and drew me in before divulging their new product. Capitalizing on their brand equity and family heritage, Wendy’s finally answers that age old question of “Where’s the Beef?”.

On the other hand, Burger King, having just hired a new agency, did away with the iconic but sometimes polarizing “King” yet is also focusing almost exclusively on the product. Moms are now the target, and the hope is that focusing on freshness and healthy meals will convince mom to bring her family there.

Not sure how this is going to work with Subway pretty much owning the freshness positioning space, but it will be an interesting battle to see which approach connects best with their intended consumers.

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