Facing Your Facebook Fears

Take this lollipopIf you have a Facebook page and have ever had second thoughts about your privacy— well I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t see this.

Jason Zada, the viral marketing director behind last year’s Elf Yourself campaign for Office Max, has given Facebook users something special for Halloween. An interactive mini horror movie that puts the contents of your page, including photos of your friends and loved ones, under the leering eyes of the world’s creepiest internet stalker.

I must admit that when I viewed it, the creep-factor was somewhat mitigated by the fact that he was viewing pictures of my pets (and creepiness is no match for their cute faces). But for a video to become “viral” when you don’t even have a way to send what you have just viewed to anyone, it must be pretty special. In fact, YouTube videos of people just viewing the site have gone viral!

Although Mr. Zada isn’t exactly marketing anything specific here except fear and apprehension, he’s done a hell of a job of it.

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