What do You Mean It’s Not For Women?

Often some products skew their marketing efforts by gender (think cars, beer: primarily men and consumer-packaged goods: primarily women) but not purposely excluding the other sex. Think Spanky and Our Gang’s He-man Woman’s Hater Club if you were around to remember that.

Not until now, when Dr. Pepper 10 blatantly and unabashedly launched their new product and proclaimed that “It Is Not For Women”.  The new Dr. Pepper 10 is positioned to men who want a a great tasting soda that is lower in calories. Hence the gun metal gray can and the fact that it has only “10 manly calories.” While certainly tongue-in-cheek advertising that is chock full of machoism, the campaign has set off some BIG controversy with consumers –and not just women. Just take a look at their consumer comments on their facebook fan page. Their facebook fan page even includes a “man quiz” with questions about fishing and hunting, as well as a shooting gallery where you can shoot things like high heels and lipstick. Perhaps a little too tongue and cheek.

One critic placed all of the negative facebook comments over images of dogs to make a very funny (but sad) montage commentary on Dr. Pepper 10’s brand positioning. There are some very disgruntled pups out there. What do you think?

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