Forget “Pop-Up Stores”…How About “Pop-Up Mall”!

The next generation in “pop-up” stores is simple, trendy, earth-friendly and has a great retro influence! These self-contained units have been seen around the globe and they are starting to catch on in the U.S. What makes them appealing is that they are easily transportable by rail, road or sea

Now, how about a “pop-up mall”? Having opened in the Summer of 2011, the DeKalb Market is comprised of twenty three (23) 160-square-foot brightly colored, salvaged, shipping containers hosting a collection of food, clothing, etc. in Downtown Brooklyn that is open year-round. This is the first container mall of its kind in our country.

In keeping with its entrepreneurial image, DeKalb’s newest tenant, Shopbox may be the shopping wave of the future. At the Shopbox container, you will find ready-to-be-bought items from local artisans but you won’t find a store clerk. Shopbox is an amazing showcase that’s a combination of a department store window, vending machine, Disney-like animatronics. If you want to see an item more clearly, you can use the remote to control the lighting and to move the displays. When you are ready to make a secure purchase, you simply register on the mounted iPad and then text message your order. The products are shipped directly to your home.

Ready for further expansion? You bet! Come the middle of October, the market will get a delivery. They’re adding over 30 new business owners housed in shipping containers to increase the mix to over 50 permanent container shops. WOW! That’s one way to outwit the zoning board!

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