So she got inked.

Tatoo BarbieI couldn’t help notice how different Barbie looks these days.  Complete with tattoos, pink hair, and a heart-and-crossbones t-shirt, she looks just a tad different than the Barbie I remember.

Apparently this new tattooed Barbie has caused quite a stir, as mom’s everywhere are saying that she sends girls the wrong message. Really? Just now? I mean, hasn’t Barbie been sending the wrong message to girls for years? With her tiny waist and bodacious curves in all the right places, she has long stood for the significance of physical beauty over anything else — not exactly what young girls need to grow up believing in.

So really, are a few tattoo’s all that big of a deal?  Isn’t Barbie’s failure to help girls build a positive body image over the years a much bigger deal?  I know she is an icon, but Barbie really needs to step it up as a role model if she is ever going to be a true winner in my mind.

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