Sympathy Soup.

Get Well SoupJust in time for cold and flu season, Heinz Soup in the U.K, has created an interesting Facebook app that combines the social world with the virtual world with… the real world (imagine that!)

In the U.K., Heinz positions its soup as something that’s good for you when you’re “under the weather”. So if you have a friend that’s not feeling his or her best, for about $3.00 you can send a personalized real can of soup to a friend to “Get Well Soon.” Pick your flavor, enter your friend’s name, say it’s Sophie, and in a few days, they receive their can with “Get Well Soon Sophie” emblazoned on the label.

This idea does a lot of things well. It’s a unique use of Facebook, not just to engage with Fans, but to “Share” with others in a great way. It serves as a sampling vehicle if the recipient hasn’t tried the product. And lastly, it sells product! Nice going Heinz. You should be feeling better already.

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