To be heard, or not to be heard.

Chapstick’s tagline “On Everyone’s Lips” took on a whole new meaning this past week. In support of the brand campaign “Where Do Lost Chapsticks Go?” Chapstick encouraged people to “Be Heard” and relay their own lost Chapstick tale on Facebook. The ad itself featured a photo of a woman rather enthusiastically searching for her lost Chapstick deep inside her living room couch.

The ad itself prompted some people to post commentary that the ad was sexist as it featured front and center a woman’s rear end. Mysteriously, these negative or accusatory posts started to disappear from Chapstick’s Facebook page. This is somewhat ironic as the whole campaign encouraged consumers “to be heard” yet they weren’t being heard at all, they were being deleted.

If you are going to give consumers the platform to share their thoughts then you need to be prepared for whatever comes in vs. selectively featuring what works to your benefit. Social media is about being honest and transparent, Chapstick lost sight of this and as a result there was a whole lot of negative talk on everyone’s lips.

While the campaign concept was cute and relevant to almost everyone (at any given moment I likely have 5 tubes of lipbalm that are MIA), the execution and initial cover-up was a total W.T.Flop!

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