Can a Video Game Cause a Divorce?

Just out is the latest installment of what I consider the world’s best entertainment,  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Millions upon millions of Earth’s citizens are clawing their way towards a new, glossy package in anticipation of hours of addictive and stimulating gameplay. Time to save the world is now!

But wait, somebody came up with an alternate meaning of CoD – the Cause of Divorce??? Apparently this video game contributes (although modestly) to a high divorce rate these days. According to a study conducted by Divorce Online earlier this year, 15% of divorcing women insisted that they were placed behind gaming. And that’s up from only 5% a year ago. The most common games cited as the cause of the break-ups were World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. So basically Call of Duty might be perceived as a home-wrecker. Perhaps while saving the world with Call of Duty, gamers can also work on saving their marriages.

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