Like LoJack for your kids.

I'mOK AppHave you seen the new iPhone app that rewards kids for checking in with their parents? I’mOK™ uses two of the most motivating “sticks” — fun and reward—  to let families stay in touch with each other throughout  the day. Every time the kids check-in, the app automatically uses location-based technology to let parents know exactly where they are. Kids, meanwhile, are motivated to check in by getting ‘points’ each time they do. But it gets better —not only can parents know they are safe, but the more information the kids provide — location, photos, messages, etc. — the more points they earn. And just like yesterday’s “Green Stamp Books,” those points can be exchanged for real treats, like movie tickets, later bedtimes, or other parent-approved extras.

I absolutely love their tagline: It’s knowing… without the nagging. Now my only question is, how old is the kid who has the smartphone…?

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