Have the Energy To Feed 1 Billion People?

Rapper, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, has joined forces with Chris Clarke, the CEO of Pure Growth Partners, to launch the 50 Cent Street King Energy Shot. 50 Cent was inspired to give back during a trip to Africa for the World Cup when he saw poverty first-hand. Shortly thereafter, the Street King Energy Shot was born. According to streetking.com, “One 2.5-ounce shot of Street King gives you 6 hours of focus and energy – and it’s the best tasting shot out there.” Operating on the one-for-one giving model, each time a Street King shot is purchased, so is a meal for a child in need.

50 Cent aims to “increase your energy, so you gain the power to change bigger things.” The brand has a five-year goal to feed one billion children. In has taken just two short months to reach 3.5 million meals!

Enough blogging…watch the 3 min video. Great concept and execution – TV, Event Marketing, Mobile Tours, Social Media, Altruism, Celebrity Endorsement, NASCAR Sponsorship, etc, etc.

This one is at WINNER on every level on our W.T.F (Winners, Toss-ups and Flops) scale!

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