Trading in Kenny Rogers for Kenny Chesne

Recycling is pretty commonplace nowadays. But this new twist is really a ingenious idea. Just like your closets are with shoes, ten to one odds that your IPOD® or computer is filled with a lot of music you just don’t want anymore, too .( Do you really need to hear Tony Orlando and Dawn even one more time?) Well, say hello to ReDigi —  the world’s first online marketplace to legally recycle, buy and sell, used digital music files.

ReDigi launched last month and claims to be the first platform that enables users to transfer a digital music file from one person to another without simply copying it. To do this, a thing called a *Verification Engine* first checks that the song the user is trying to upload for sale was legally acquired. If it was, it’s removed from the seller’s computer (songs that have been copied from CDs or other physical media are rejected and returned to the seller’s library) and effectively put up for sale. Anyone can browse the ReDigi marketplace for songs being sold by other users and in essence buy “used” music — legally. Now how cool is that?

Sellers receive “coupons” when someone buys their unwanted music, which can be redeemed for discounts on future songs purchased. And a percentage of every song sold goes back to the original artist and record label.

As far as I can see, since the original artist gets a percentage, and everyone gets to buy and sell the music they want less expensively, it sounds like a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award Winner to me.

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