Do Not Attempt…

…to sell me something by showing me something it cannot do. Latest in a seemingly endless line of truck commercials that annoy me is the one from Nissan that shows their Frontier model helping an airliner avoid a possibly fatal crash.

It starts cleverly enough with a woman pointing at me and saying “babe, look”. How can I not look?  We’re in an airport departure lounge together and and the news is showing a plane attempting to land (at this very airport) without working forward landing gear. We all watch in happy disbelief as a pickup truck races to the rescue, catching the landing gear in it’s bed. Hooray. Voice-over tells us that this mid-size truck has full-size payload and towing. Or something.

If you say so.

Clearly I am not the pickup truck type, or this all would resonate a little stronger with me. But when you tell me something is a “fictionalization” and I should “not attempt”, then you just told me that what you’re selling can’t do what you’re showing. So I should do what exactly?

I think I’m like a lot of people, in that air travel scares me a little bit. When things go wrong, I like to think that some people know what to do. This latest spot makes me as reluctant to buy your product as I am to fly.

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