They Had Me At “Beagle”.

Animals sell, as nearly any marketer can tell you. What I love the most about this spot is that they are selling themselves. Produced by The Shelter Pet Project, a collaboration between The Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund (a group trying to eliminate “Kill” shelters) and the Ad Council, this campaign takes an interesting approach.

Having the animals themselves comment on the odd behavior of their new owners, gives us a different view of how they can become a part of our lives. The spots are funny without being comical, and I think that’s fitting for what is essentially a very serious transaction: taking the responsibility of giving a shelter pet a home.

Full disclosure: we bought a beagle puppy from a breeder 16 years ago, and we just loved that little dog so much. But now that we own two wonderful, quirky rescue dogs, I couldn’t be more sold on giving a shelter pet a home. Kudos to The Shelter Pet Project for a great campaign!

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