Holiday Gifts for Your Smart Phone.

iPhone filtersI saw an interview with Master American photographer, Annie Leibovitz, the other night and I couldn’t believe her response when asked what kind of camera she would recommend people purchase. She recommended… the iPhone (!) and talked about its high quality and the fact that simply everyone is carrying one around. But recommended as a camera?

Well why not, I guess? And what a great reco at holiday time! Because you can not only give an i”camera” to your Loved One, but just like yesterday’s outfits for Barbie, it’s in the “accessories” that the real fun begins. You see apps like Hipstamatic and Magic Hour — both ways to transform smart phone pictures into photographic fun!  And now, timed JUST RIGHT for “The Season,” instead of an app, I found a clever new product that slides over an iphone, like a phone case, and gives you a range of filters with which to manipulate photos in fun ways. Made by HolgaDirect, the only thing it seems to be missing to become a great stocking-stuffer (only $24.99! Four colors!) is a catchy name. (Come on guys, *Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit*? Couldn’t find a copywriter? Maybe we could help?)

But I do think it’s a pretty cool idea… and it makes me wonder, what could be the next “James Bond-like thingy” we could design or market to slip over our smart phone? Guess I’ll find out next holiday season.

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