Who you sleep with can kill you.

Milwaukee Infant Mortality CampaignGet a room, baby — your own room.

The city of Milwaukee recently launched a public service campaign to reduce infant mortality by the year 2017.  While multiple initiatives make up this campaign, one in particular is causing quite a stir.

A series of ads features a little one clearly snuggled in an adult bed… sleeping next to a meat cleaver.  The visual is no doubt as startling as is the message — that sleeping with your baby can be just as dangerous as sleeping with a meat cleaver.

Given that Milwaukee has one of the worst infant mortality rates, and has had quite a recent spate of infant deaths resulting from being smothered during co-sleeping, there clearly is a need to change things.

The campaign might be harsh, direct, and over the top. But clearly, prior messages about the perils of co-sleeping haven’t resonated, as deaths continue. Ironically, the day the campaign launched, yet another baby in Milwaukee apparently died as the result of co-sleeping.  If this campaign saves  just a few innocent lives it is worth it.  Sadly, this is a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award Winner.

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