Bucket O’Brain Freeze.

Slurpee Ad CampaignThis is truly one from the “I Wish I Thought of That” file.

In an attempt to thwart a competitive threat from Coke, Seven Eleven Australia implemented a unique stunt that not only generated tons of attention, but achieved the ultimate result – increased SALES and TRAFFIC.

September 21st was deemed BYO (Bring Your Own) Cup Day. Within a few simple rules, one could bring in any vessel in to fill up with Slurpee goodness — for just the cost of a medium size drink. First announced through social media, print ads were soon developed that featured some of the more interesting potential vessels. Viking helmet? Sure. Fish bowl? No problem! Consumers could use their creativity to bring just about anything to be filled up at the Slurpee machine. And to top it all off,  a simple contest rewarded the most creative entry, as voted by fans, a years’ supply of Slurpees.

This program has it all. A simple idea, not only easy to communicate, but to comprehend. Easy to participate, and leverages consumers’ thirst for getting a REAL special deal. Tapped into a brand’s fan base to get the word out and ties into their passion for the brand. And videos of the fun that went viral. Oh yeah, it also worked (!) – over 80,000 customers, 320,000 liters sold, and sales grew 270%. Don’t be surprised if you see this idea in a country near you. Brilliant!

GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award: WINNER!WINNER!WINNER!

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