Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?

Sustainability is a hot button in business today–both with businesses and consumers. Recently, I just finished writing a Sustainable Marketing chapter and case study in a new college textbook on Sustainability due out this spring from FlatWorld Knowledge. As such, I am always looking for examples of companies who promote their sustainability efforts in their marketing plan.

FedEx has just launched a charming new ad campaign that highlights their sustainability initiatives. When consumers think of FedEx, sustainability doesn’t usually come first to mind, after all it is a shipping and transportation business which is a large user of fuel, not to mention paper products. But this new commercial highlights FedEx’s environmental efforts that help to save forests and fuel and does so with Disney-esque charm. And when you strip away the Hollywood fairy tale dramatics, the spot reveals that FedEx is working hard at sustainable solutions for a better planet.

Makes you feel a little bit better when you absolutely have to have it delivered overnight.

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