Religious Freedom or Not?

It is difficult to comprehend how Lowe’s could have come to the decision to pull their advertising from the reality show All-American Muslim. The reality show on TLC follows 5 Lebanese American Muslim families living in the Dearborn, Michigan area. For those who have not tuned into the show, the families all lead fairly ordinary, ho-hum lives, pretty much like most of us do I imagine.

The conservative Florida Family Association requested Lowe’s (and others) to pull their advertising from All-American Muslim because in short, the show only chronicled the lives of “ordinary Muslim folks” vs. the many Islamic believers that present a clear and present danger to the values the majority of Americans hold dear.

Lowe’s decision to cancel their advertising on the show is disheartening. The perception this decision gives is that Lowe’s not only stereotypes but they also have issue with a specific religious group, Muslims.  Given that religious freedom is at the core of this country’s foundation, I feel that the cancellation of advertising on All-American Muslim makes Lowe’s come across as bigots.

Not hard to guess this one: a big-time W.T.Flop. What do you think?

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