The Ever-Fading Middleman.

Record stores (alright, I still call them that because I am old) are nearly gone. Video stores almost gone too. We all know what video streaming is doing to the traditional televison network. We could skip an entire season of a show and catch up with it on demand with fewer or no commercials.

So here’s a new wrinkle. Louis C.K., the brilliant but quite often extremely crude standup comic, just bypassed the traditional venue for a filmed standup event (HBO). He filmed a show at The Beacon Theatre in NYC back in November, using his own money and filmcrew. He edited the show himself (as he does with his FX channel show “Louie”) and is selling it on his website for $5 a download.

He was also nice enough to break down his profits for us, and minus all of the production costs of the show, the website etc., he has so far made $200,000. As he tells us, that’s not as much as he might have made the other way, but we all get to see his act, watch it as many times as want, burn it onto DVD or what-have-you. No muss. No fuss.

Of course, much of this is possible only for the fact that Louis has a fairly rabid fanbase. But I  applaud the fact that an artist or entertainer has so many different opportunities to get their work seen (and paid for).

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