Listen to the Music.

I’ve commented previously about car advertising – you know, the irresponsible driving and ridiculous small print “Professional drivers. Closed course. Don’t really drive like this or you may kill yourself, but we’re off the hook according to our lawyers”. But a recent campaign caught my eye for a completely other reason.

I’m sure you’ve seen them, the annual Lexus “December to Remember” Sales Drive campaign? Every year, some lucky rich people find that big red ribbon in the driveway on their Christmas present. Some people find these ads offensive, but I think they’ve done a good job of breaking through the clutter from the car advertising crowd with their visual icon – the red ribbon – that stands out and is well linked to their brand. And in 2011, they’ve taken it one step further.

Their jingle, which goes along with each spot, is now the device that tells the lucky gift recipient that they’re getting a nice shiny new car for Christmas. Talk about using all the senses! They’ve come up with some creative ways to deliver the concept – in a music box, elevator music, video game – each time being used to spring the surprise in a unique way. Makes sense, even if it is a stretch for the average consumer, though the idea of figuring an inventive way to surprise someone with a holiday gift applies to anyone. I’m not in their target, but I think it works for what they’re trying to accomplish. And just in case, I’ll be listening!

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