Virtual Meets Real Life

TRU Towers gameI’m so glad that the Toys ‘R Us holiday commercials have ended. Those two kids were annoying, especially the boy. But they recently introduced a Facebook game that caught my eye.

Called Toys R’ Us Towers, and powered by video game manufacturer UbiSoft, you can build your own toy store on Facebook and earn points to unlock new levels and benefits (as well as for sharing with your social circle). But what’s different is that you’re able to earn real discounts good at their real stores for playing

Great idea – engage your 3MM+ Facebook fans with a fun game that is actually focused on what makes your business tick, and motivate them to play in a way that truly drives store traffic and sales. Oh, and extend the Holiday sales season while you’re at it.

I would think they’ve planned other ways to complete the circle – in-store signage to promote the game, emails with secret, additional hints, etc. – and when the mobile version comes out soon, there will be even more reasons to engage.

Finally a really great example of making social media pay off at retail! Sounds like a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award Winner to me!

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