Forward thinking or back?

Mobile Cigar LoungeOkay, so everyone has heard of “The Man Cave”— you know, the place where poor men have to run and escape their horrible wives, kids and or lives. Well, now it seems The Man Cave has taken on wheels. “The Mobile Man Cave” is a  new creative way for men to escape and smoke their cigars and watch their huge TV’s to their hearts content. Now, regardless of the local smoking laws, these RV/ lounges can travel from place to place and bring banned smoking back to any social event. Designed with state of the art ventilation systems, able to seat 8-10 people (more if you include standing room), and stocked with 400 cigar varieties from around the world, they just seem like a little slice of Mad Men “yesterday.”

In my opinion, this Mobile Man Cave might appeal to some,and will certainly keep the smelly cigars confined to certain small areas. But to me it’s a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss- Up, or Flop) Award Flop. Not only does it glorify a really bad habit, but flies in the face of local laws and regulations just by bending the rules. Sure you smokers out there don’t agree with me, but I could only wish the ingenuity that went into finding a way around the smoking ban could be put to better uses.


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