A GIGUNDO Incentive

Mtn Dew DoubleXPDew WinnersSome things don’t change in this crazy business we’re in, especially when it relates to what REALLY motivates people.

We all know that people like to get something for free, they love to win (sweepstakes, games or contests), and they really connect with brands that can bring them a unique, relevant experience. It works with all target audiences – little kids want to have a private concert with NSYNC (I did that for Nabisco 10+ years ago), bigger kids want to play golf with Tiger Woods, parents want to take the their kids for a private shopping hour at FAO Schwarz …  and on it goes. But wrap it all together, and you get the recent Mountain Dew Modern Warfare 3 Promotion.

For “Gamers”, Mountain Dew’s target, specially marked packages had special caps that gave them extra ‘play time’ on the video game’s online play. Then to top it off, a sweepstakes awarded one lucky winner the ability to play the game – with 3 friends – on the biggest screen in North America, the 150’ wide x 72’ tall screen in Dallas Stadium! And if that weren’t enough, a private stadium tour and entertainment by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders made it even more special.

You know what they say – Everything is Bigger in Texas!

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