Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

LHJKudos to a brave step recently taken by Ladies Home Journal, or should I say Ladies Home JOURNAL? Starting with their March issue, they will be showcasing much (how much?) of their content crowdsourced. Getting content directly uploaded from readers, taken from their web site and a host of other digi-social channels, LHJ is truly making a bold, risky move in order to continue to stay fresh, relevant, and of value to their reader — all while apparently continuing to guarantee their rate base to advertisers. (And pay the contributing consumers their “Professional rate” for their work)

Has it been done before? Yup, many times. Has it succeeded? Not always. But those were upstarts, they say. This is Ladies Home JOURNAL. Venerable “old” bastion of the WSB world. Is that a strength or a weakness? With one of the oldest reader bases, it’s being debated.

So as expected, there are supporters and those who wag the Eeyore “Oh, Pooh, it’ll never work” finger. For me, I think they should be commended. Really working hard to stay fresh. Really working hard to change their paradigm with the rest of the world. Have they worked out all the kinks? Doubt it. But know what? I am going to make sure I buy that March issue (I currently don’t read LHJ. Haven’t for decades), cause I am both curious AND supportive. Wondered how many others will too? GWH W.T.F.(Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER Award — not for success, but for trying!

Good Luck LHJ!

Source: Ad Age 1/9/12

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