Just the right portion of humor.

Pasta MeasurerYeah, it’s the New Year and most people have started those resolutions that stick around for a week, or maybe even a month. In my household,  I love to cook, but am constantly trying to come up with “healthier” options for my family and hoping that they’ll eventually get it in their heads that they need to watch what they eat and try to enjoy all of those “good for you foods” even when they’d opt for a huge bowl of pasta any day of the week.

So how perfect that I came across this fun gadget for measuring pasta — I could eat a horse” spaghetti-measurer, made by Icelandic designer, Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson. The designer behind this little product obviously has a sense of humor, which is something that I love to see in marketing and almost always makes me throw it in my basket.

It has a few functions that will sure be helpful in my house. 1). It will help me reduce the pasta portions to a realistic, healthy size.  2). I won’t have to nag my kids about “slowing down” or “eating like a horse.” I’ll just pull out my trusty spaghetti-measurer and show them (with a sly smile) how much pasta a horse would eat. 3). I love the kitschy, cool, simple design and it makes the designer in me so very happy.

It’s nice to see that even in today’s techno-crazy world, small products like this one continue to prove that humor and simple, good design sells.

Source: http://www.uberreview.com/2011/12/eat-a-horse-can-you-this-spaghetti-measurer-has-you-covered.htm

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