Living in the Facebook Timeline Fish Bowl.

Have you tried the new Facebook timeline yet?

The new Facebook timeline is here but before you hit the “Get Timeline” button ask yourself just one question: Do you like living in a fish bowl? Because once you hit that button there is no turning back and your life will be forever splashed across the screen in every detail, photo, video, comment and like you ever posted.

Instead of just a snapshot of you today, Timeline is supposed to be a scrapbook of your whole life. From the larger than life cover photo, Facebook highlights your life (as posted) month by month. So all those details, comments and photos that were once buried within the depths of Facebook are once again revealed and even highlighted. It is akin to a pictorial resume that chronicles your life on a month by month basis which can be good or bad, depending on how you have portrayed your life. Many of my college students are seeing their life look like one BIG party which is not going over well with Mom and Dad –not to mention potential employers.

There is no “trial” period where you can just see what it is like and then revert back to your old profile. Once you hit that button, you are committed without any warning. The good news is that you have 7 days to preview and make adjustments to your new timeline starting as soon as you hit the “Get Timeline” button. After that, it will go live. So use those 7 days wisely to clean up any unwanted or embarrassing photos lingering about.

Timeline is here to stay. You cannot undo it. It is permanent at least until the next Facebook change comes along or if you elect to delete your Facebook account. Welcome to the fishbowl.

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