The Comeback of The Sweater Vest

Sweater Vest DonationFirst, let me start by saying this post is by no means intended to be an endorsement or lack thereof, of any hopeful Presidential candidate.

That out of the way, I have to give Rick Santorum, or his handlers, credit for capitalizing on his affinity for sweater vests. For a limited time, those donating $100 or more to his campaign effort will receive the official *Rick Santorum For President* sweater vest.  The sweater vests are “Perfect for demonstrating solidarity with true conservatives” and naturally, they are made right here in the USA.

Apparently there are lots of true conservatives out there willing to part with that $100 minimum, as donors need to wait 4-6 weeks to receive their very own vest!

Since discussing politics is considered taboo in this environment, I won’t comment on whether or not Mr. Santorum will get my vote for office.  He will however, get my vote for coming up with a very clever and creative way to turn his sweater-vest-wearing ways into not only a way to solicit campaign donations, but to also attract attention to his campaign efforts and beliefs.

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