The Very Last Word.

Most of us aren’t planning on getting a visit from the Grim Reaper any time soon (let’s hope anyway). But not to sound morbid or anything, many of us might have wondered how we could bid a last farewell or tell someone something profound right before our last breath. Now Facebook has created a new app, “If I Die”, which allows users to compose their final posting in advance.

Here is how it works: you download the “If I Die” app, record a video or craft one or more postings with your final words. You then appoint 3 of your Facebook friends as “trustees” who are authorized to verify your death and have your permission to release your last words posthumously.

Maybe you want to tell your kids just one more time that you love them or maybe you want to tell that obnoxious client what you really think of him–now you really can have the very last word.

Willook, an Israeli start-up, invented the after-death app. The idea came after the friends of CEO Eran Alfonta nearly died in a car accident. “They stopped aside and drank water and relaxed and started speaking between themselves: ‘Oh my god, what would happen to the kids if something happened to me?’”

So while it shouldn’t be your Last Will and Testament, the app can let you reach out one more time for your very last word.

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