Will Fair and Square be enough anymore?

JCP2OK, so everybody’s buzzing about JC Penney’s new “overhaul.” Yes, the TV spots leading up to 2/1/12— the BIG DAY — were fantastic. The frantic, over-the-top, promotion overload of today was more than communicated, as was JC Penney’s intent to combat this. It all led up to today. The big unveil. So it’s here.

Fair and Square. Gonna treat everyone fair and square. Interesting. Promotional pricing not eliminated, just pre-planned for specific days. OK. Sure. They don’t want to be the “flashiest store,” just my favorite store. OK. Gonna match their “calendar to the rhythm of my life?” (God, did they find one?)… So is this it? This is what all the hype was about? Even without the gimmicky red, white and blue, not sure they have paid off all the lead-in hoopla for me.

Does help one plan a bit. Even create some monthly, cyclical anticipation. But frankly, if Macy’s has a big whopper of a sale on one of those “1st and 3rd Fridays,” guess who’s gonna be my favorite?

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