Dr. Google Helps Fight the Flu

Vicks ThermometerIt’s that time of the year—the cold and flu season.  The time get bombarded with ads about talking mucus and monkeys walking around the pharmacy trying to find the right cold medicine for the job, all while simply trying to get through it without being sick (knock on wood).

So take a look at what Procter and Gamble is doing to help: their  VICKS brand is using data collected from Google, and targeting mobile devices with ads for their Behind Ear Thermometer, (the one billed as having Fever Insight™.) What’s so special?

Well, according to reports, “Google correlated flu-related web searches from 2003 to 2008 with actual data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their findings were used to create a flu prediction model, ‘Google Flu Trends.’ Using this data they were able to narrow down their target audience to moms, and even those moms who were within a few miles of specific retailers that actually stocked their products.” Now that’s both scary and very cool.

It continues to astound me how small our big marketing world is getting. And how using all of this “stuff” (collected data, apps, web searches, etc.) is making our job of “getting people to do stuff” even easier, by helping us help our brands really target their audience more easily, and definitely more effectively. Now that’s what I call a great use of “stuff.”

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