Does this laptop make me look fat?

Isn’t technology amazing? Last week my kids were playing MW3 on Xbox Kinect and this week I can use Kinect to shop for a whole new wardrobe!

FaceCake Marketing Technologies has teamed up with Kinect to create Swivel, a interactive, motion- activated, virtual dressing room! With new Swivel, not only I can try on clothes, I can accessorize, and see how I’ll look against different backgrounds (i.e. in a club, outdoors, at the office, etc.).  Swivel can even recommend outfits that I’ve tried on and allow me to share different ensembles with my friends.

Currently Swivel is available for in home use, but rumor is there are plans to take it to retail. Talk about power shopping! I can certainly see a lot of places this new technology could go. For the forward thinking alone, this one’s a WINNER in my book!

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