Not the old bus stop that smells like a potato idea, again?

McCain Scented Bus ShelterJealous, jealous, jealous. We recommended this to our client, Marie Callender’s, years ago and everyone thought we were bonkers. Maybe we were (and still are), but it’s great to see someone having some fun with this technology! Kudos to McCain in the UK. Potato-scented bus stops! Yup, for real. When you press a button on the poster, a “hidden heating element warms the fiberglass 3D potato and releases the aroma of oven-baked (potatoes) throughout the bus shelter.” Sells their new line of frozen spuds that are supposed to smell just like their slow roasting cousins.

McCain Scented Bus ShelterHow hysterical, insightful, AND impactful! And to add the melty butter to the top, they’ve figured out how to dispense coupons from the same place.

I so love clients that will lean forward and try the zanier, more “untested” ideas (“So, can you show me other examples of transit media that you have made smell like potatoes?”)  Wonderful that they intuitively knew they would make a big impact! Creativity at its finest, with a support system to give it life. An agency’s dream…

Absolutely gets a GWH W.T.F.*(Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) WINNER Award!

Source: Creativity Online

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