Dinner and a Movie 2.0

qkrSo, this is the season for the Academy Awards and as expected, there are many great movies out there to see. But are we too wedded to being couch potatoes to care? Someone is hoping not.

Theaters in Australia are trying to give patrons even more reason to get off the couch and come into the theater.  Hoyts Cinemas and Commonweath Bank have partnered with Mastercard and developed a new mobile app / QR code called ‘QkR‘ (pronounced “quicker”).

Ready for this? The QkR app is used to order food or drink from your theater seat!  “Customers use the app on their phone to scan or type the QR code located on their arm rest. Alternatively, they can tap the NFC tag alongside it. Either way, they can then choose an item from the menu displayed on their phone, confirm, and pay for their order. Their food or drink will then be delivered to their seat by a member of cinema staff.”

It’s got to be a hit here in USA— it’s certainly a great “ME- centric, service-oriented” idea!  Think dinner-and-a-movie merged into one. Could be cool… and it would certainly cut down on the need to wait in the long lines at the popcorn counter! Looking forward to seeing where it goes…

Source: www.springwise.com

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