Information is King.

gogglesThere seems to be a disturbance in the *Marketing Force* these days. The hottest and coolest gizmo, the QR code, seems to be drifting towards the dark(er) side of interactive marketing and advertising. According to a popular blog Mashable, only 5% of American consumers are using their smart phones to scan QR codes. Apparently, QRs are just not as visually intuitive as most of us would like. That’s why there may be a brighter future for all of us in joining with the MVS forces, AKA: *Mobile Visual Search*

What is it? Well, it’s pretty simple and ingenious. You download (yes, another app to download) Google Goggles on your smartphone, point it to an object (a building or a wine bottle, for example) and voila, you get an instant info on this object. Simple as that. No questions, nothing to type. Enjoy and may the force be with you (and the phone battery charge)!

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