Art Is Better Than Business.

David Choe ArtNothing gets this country excited more than contemporary art. I kid of course, but it seems that way, at least a bit lately, based on the fact that I’ve heard contemporary artist David Choe mentioned on both Howard Stern and ABC news.

Now, I’m certain that the “hook” in this story is that some murals Mr. Choe created for the Facebook offices earned him a lot of money (in that he was paid what turns out to be at leas $200 million dollars for his work.) But what I really like about the story is, once you see his work and hear what he has to say, you realize that he is a very talented artist with a refreshingly blasé attitude about all of the recent attention.

So far, it seems most of the recent interviews with Mr. Choe focus on the $200 million, which isn’t really surprising. Talking about “art” is a difficult proposition, even for those who specialize in the subject. I’m no art critic, but having seen his website I can only say that he seems both prolific, adventurous, and fearless in his pursuits. He does everything from beautiful nude line drawings to humorous sculptures and spray-paint street art.

My favorite quote? When asked what he would do with all that money, he said he already did everything he wanted to do when he had no money. We should all be so lucky.

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