Timeline for Brands.

Here we go again, more facebook changes. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are now applying Timeline for brands which will go into effect for all business pages on March 30th, 2012.

This will give brand pages the same look, feel and functionality as the personal page Timeline which has been rolling out since September. In this case, there is no roll out but a hard deadline of March 30th when facebook will translate your current page for you if you have not made the changeover yourself.

So what does this mean? According to the latest¬†press release, “the new look includes a cover photo, larger story sizes, better tools to manage a Page and more. The new features help business and organizations better share their story and connect with people.” Additionally, businesses can pin a post to keep a story at the top of a Page for up to seven days. In essence, the timeline format will now be applied to Pages giving brands a stronger visual means to translate their key messages.

This creates a lot of upside as it will better depict product, packaging, recipe shots, etc. with HUGE photos and creative, in addition to boldly showcasing videos and demos. You can also create an engaging cover image. Having a cover photo is in essence a brand billboard. Brands should employ a cover photo strategy and be prepared to change it regularly. But keep in mind that photos should inspire consumers–make them laugh, cry or move them in other ways and not just serve as a BIG brand ad. The visuals that move consumers will be deemed “pinnable” and fly through the web from person to person.

In fact, timeline will force¬†marketers to update everything more frequently and not just with postings but graphics to create interest and continued engagement. That’s a good thing I think, but some marketers have complained about the added work already.

The only downside so far is that it loses the landing page which many brands use to draw consumers in and/or to run promotions or contests.

So get ready, set. We have until March 30th to adjust our Timeline Brand Pages. Timeline is upon us.

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