Entertaining Man’s Best Friend.

man's best friendLet’s say you have a dog and have to leave every morning to work. What does that tell your best friend? How about… he or she is getting abandoned! 5 days a week, dealing with this kind of stress and anxiety?? Poor creatures. Some owners leave their TVs on all day hoping to have a distraction in pooch’s life. But taking in consideration that we spend more than $45 billion on our pets annually, why not come up with a better “sitter” for those times when you absolutely have to be away?

Well, someone did. A group of Israeli TV entrepreneurs created a TV channel specially for the dogs. Not only does it show other dogs and favorite activities as seen through their eyes, but plays soothing music and broadcasts all in a specially adjusted way that is better suited to dog’s vision. How much will this innovation cost you? Nothing at launch. $4.99 per month after. So aren’t they worth it? It is already available in San Diego but should be spreading across the US soon… Oh, for the love of our furry friends!

Source: http://www.fox5sandiego.com/news/kswb-new-tv-channel-entertains-dogs-20120213,0,771571.story

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