Loyalty in The Round

It’s not often when a “loyalty” program includes so many truly “360” elements, especially one that is literally “360”.

The Mohegan Sun Casino in CT just announced the creation of Shine 360 – a permanent, 25 foot wide, 360-degree photo booth, complete with 48 overhead cameras  . Only available to their loyalty program Player’s Club members, they can record 12-second videos of their “Time to Shine” moment, and easily post on Facebook and Twitter.

Starting with media and celebrities ‘trying it out’ to help get the word out. But it’s the tens of thousands of real gambling visitors who only need to swipe their card and jump right in, that will really spread the word and bring the casino more traffic. And by requiring membership in their Player’s Club, they have a unique, engaging way to maximize memberships that allow future 1-1 communication. A GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Winner – you can bet on it!

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